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My systems

Here you can see all my own systems, someones privates and others free and open source!

Paypal VIP Buy

Status: Private

  • Uses Paypal API
  • Automaticly enter data in a database
  • Admin panel
  • Encripted source code
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Staff Panel

Status: Private

  • Uses Steam Login
  • Source code given
  • Config made my me
  • 7 day trial
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Status: Public

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Who the f*ck am I

Hello, my name is João and i'm a newbie developer on back-end languages (PHP, MYSQL, SOURCEPAWN) and front-end languages (HTML, CSS, JS).
I make some softwares too in Visual Studio 2019. I use other softwares to program like Visual Studio Code, Spedit, Sublime Text, Notepad++.

What did I got in my entire old life?

Well, in my old life I got: